Our phones have been ringing off the hook the past few weeks (which is a good thing!) and we anticipate that this will continue as customers, prospects and partners work to get their arms around the new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Omnibus Rule that [...]

Introducing Our Newest Partner: HealthGuard

We are excited to announce our new partnerships with HealthGuard, a health security and risk management services company. We are providing them with a full suite of Managed Security Services for their customers and partners, including HIPAA Essential, PCI Complete, managed firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, log management, and web application firewall (WAF). Additionally, HealthGuard [...]

It’s All About Data Security

StillSecure Security Expert Jack Callaghan to present at this year’s ISACA Conference StillSecure’s resident security expert Jack Callaghan has been invited again this year as a presenter at ISACA’s North America Information Security and Risk Management (ISR M) and IT Governance Risk and Compliance Conference (IT GR C) taking place November 14-16 in Las Vegas.  [...]

The Era of the Hacker By Miguel Brito, SOC Analyst

Forbes recently released an article entitled “The Cybercrime Boom: It’s A Good Time to Be a Hacker”, and unless you are completely oblivious to the direction technology has been heading for the past several years now, you should agree that it is indeed, a good time to be a hacker. It seems like just about [...]

Duqu: A Breakdown, by Diego Ramirez, SOC Analyst

Duqu is the latest worm making noise in security circles and main stream media.  What’s interesting is how much we still don’t know about it. Even Virus/malware researchers at both Symantec and MacAfee can’t seem to agree specifically on the goal or exact purpose of Duqu.  The alarming thing is not only its modular design [...]

DHCP Snooping, by Ben Eichorst, Security Engineer

DHCP snooping is a relatively new feature that exists in most switch feature sets. While it may have different names from one switch vendor to another, the concept remains the same. DHCP snooping allows network administrators to force the allocation of IP space on specific switch ports to only be provisioned through DHCP from an [...]

Using QR Codes to infect Android smartphones, by Joshua Roback, SOC Supervisor

One of the latest interactive marketing trends has centered on the use of QR codes.   A QR code is a small, square, bar-code like image which, when scanned by a QR Code scanner, can perform instructions on a smart phone.  Most of these codes send the user’s smart phone web browser to the creator’s website, [...]

The use of legitimate channels to distribute malicious software to users, by Rory Smith, SOC Analyst

With security companies recording known and popular domains used for spreading malicious software, malicious users are constantly looking for new channels to launch their illegal campaigns. A growing trend in the wild is the distribution of malicious code through legitimate domains. A recent victim to this kind of activity would be none other than Amazon [...]

A recent study on online advertising firms, by Miguel Brito, SOC analyst

According to a recent study released by the Stanford University Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, many online advertising networks do not comply with their privacy policies. This study, which is similar to a study conducted earlier this year by Carnegie Mellon University, focused on the actions of 64 of the 75 members of [...]

URL Shortening: A Hacker’s Delight, by Joshua Roback, SOC Supervisor

The social media revolution has created a new market for URL shortening services, such as and  These services take a URL such as and create a redirect site at<random string of characters> such as  This is particularly useful when linking to articles or media with long URLs such as the [...]