Beyond the Firewall: What You Need to Know About Threats and Security in 2012

In the last year and a half, the incidence of cyber theft has surpassed physical theft for the first time in history. This might seem surprising, given the push in recent years to educate consumers and businesses about online safety. But sometimes a little education can be a dangerous thing, causing those who have taken [...]

XO, in combination with StillSecure will be hosting a webinar on WAN Security: Making with Right Choices for an optimized WAN.

Security is a crucial component of WAN optimization, but the best way to implement a solid WAN security plan isn’t always clear. Choices abound, including the decision between a premise-based versus a network-based security strategy for your WAN. In this webinar Neil Carter, StillSecure SE, and Dan Toomey, XO Sr. Manager for WAN Solutions and [...]