Healthcare-record compliance is a SaaS problem too

Among companies handling patient records, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act is old news. Going into effect in February 2009, this legislation sought to advance health information technology use standards to eventually make certain functions and safeguards mandatory, increasing the requirements for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability [...]

Buying Peace of Mind with StillSecure and Hostway

We all have tasks we should work on but for some reason, they never seem to reach the top of the pile. In our personal lives, this can be anything from cleaning the oven to picking up the dry cleaning. In our work lives, these projects usually include things like expense reports, low priority emails, [...]

The reverse proxy vulnerability affecting Apache, by Rory Smith, SOC Analyst

Once again Apache is up for discussion as another bug, similar in nature to CVE-2011-3368 identified on 10/05/2011, has been sighted in the wild. The vulnerability targets networks that utilize the reverse proxy feature provided by Apache. By utilizing reverse proxies, a Web server is able to mirror another, providing content from the server as [...]

USB as a Vector of Network Attack By Diego Ramirez, SOC Analyst

Much of the time when we tend to think of exploits we consider the vector of attack being network infiltration. Even Hollywood’s romanticized notion of the hacker shows someone attacking from a dank dark basement using the internet to attack an organization, walking away with precious data. While this is a very real threat, some [...]

The /proc/self/environ vulnerability By Cesar Salas, StillSecure SOC Analyst

Over the past 7 days we have encountered 3216 events for ET WEB_SERVER Likely Malicious Request for /proc/self/environ. This signature represents a phase of a remote file inclusion attempt in which it tries to obtain root level access by using the last PID used by the servers creation of the /proc directories. After the /proc/self [...]

Cloud AV Centric Trojan By Joshua Roback, Still Secure

The never-ending cat and mouse game being played between hackers and security professionals has reached yet another level. In an effort to deter virus creators, many networks have turned to cloud-based anti-virus solutions. Utilizing the ever popular “cloud” for large-scale anti-virus management not only reduces local resource usage, but reduces the malware signature publishing delay [...]

News you can use – your weekly industry wide snapshot

Data breaches: 4 fundamental ways to shore up your defenses Insider (reg req’d): Better data security doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Try these four  fundamental improvements for preventing corporate data breaches. ‘Nightmare’ kernel bug lets attackers evade Windows UAC security Microsoft is investigating reports of an unpatched vulnerability in the Windows kernel that [...]

Safe Access NAC gains DISA UC approval

I am proud to report that Safe Access Network Access Control has been approved for use in all Department of Defense networks through the Defense Information Systems Agency Unified Capabilities Approved Product List (DISA UC APL). Safe Access is the world’s best, most secure NAC solution and with this additional certificate it distances itself further [...]


There are tons of posts on the new FireFox plugin, Firesheep. Firesheep is a plugin that allows you to hijack other user’s social network sessions that are using the same wired or wireless network as you are. Eric Butler, one of the co-authors, has a post explaining how Firesheep works. The basics of the attack [...]

Nobel Peace Prize website delivering malware

A Firefox 0-day vulnerability is being used to vend malware from the official website for the Nobel Peace Prize. Norman ASA detection executive Einar Oftedal stated in an instant message to the Register, “This iframe has a multi exploit backend and serves exploits for Firefox, including a working remote exploit for firefox 3.6.11, we didn’t [...]