2013 Predictions from Rajat Bhargava, Chairman, President and CEO of StillSecure

We at StillSecure believe that 2013 will finally be the year that organizations demand security be included cloud offerings — en masse.  We also think the recent shift to cloud-usage based models will continue so much so that enterprise class product suites will fall out of favor. This is a direct result of customer demand [...]

A Look Back at StillSecure’s Achievements in 2012

2013 is finally here!  We have already hit the ground running in the New Year, but wanted to take the time to recap some of our company’s highlights from 2012. We are grateful for the relationships we have continued to cultivate in 2012 with our valued clients, partners, analysts and media professionals. As you may [...]

The Latest in Facebook Phishing

By Adam Lapay, SOC Analyst A new article from Kaspersky Lab posted 1/13/12, David Jacoby states that a new, dangerous and extra crafty Phishing scam is propagating through Facebook. Phishing is a method of obtaining usernames, passwords, and credit card information, by tricking unsuspecting users into putting this information into an illegitimate, fake website, which [...]

URL Shortening: A Hacker’s Delight, by Joshua Roback, SOC Supervisor

The social media revolution has created a new market for URL shortening services, such as tinyurl.com and bit.ly.  These services take a URL such as http://www.thesecuritysamurai.com/2011/06/23/the-corporate-security-halftime-report-corporations-0-hackers-over-9000-by-rory-smith-soc-analyst/ and create a redirect site at tinyurl.com/<random string of characters> such as tinyurl.com/6b3bktp.  This is particularly useful when linking to articles or media with long URLs such as the [...]