Managed Web Application Firewall – Identifying and Stopping Complex Web-based Attacks

James D. Brown, CTO, StillSecure Web Application Firewalls (WAF) have been in the news a lot in the past few years. A type of application firewall, web application firewalls have functionality that goes beyond simply blocking access to certain types of requests or services. Web application firewalls are also aware of specific types of web-based [...]

A special offer from StillSecure to Rackspace customers

StillSecure is making its entire suite of services available to Rackspace customers, along with a special offer for a limited time. Sign on for StillSecure services during Q4 of 2012, and if you aren’t completely satisfied within the first month, you owe nothing. This includes the full suite of award-winning StillSecure services, including PCI Complete [...]

Warp-speed NAC

By James D. Brown, CTO, StillSecure Network Access Control products have to do a lot of work compared to other security products. It monitors the network for endpoints joining and leaving, matches endpoints to a particular security policy based on a variety of factors, checks endpoints for compliance, potentially fixes problems on endpoints, and then [...]

The StillSecure Security Summit

These days, no matter where you look, you can find a number of articles highlighting the benefits and issues surrounding cloud security. For many of us, the amount of coverage has become more than a little confusing. It’s hard for many companies, especially SMBs, to determine what security levels are not only good for their [...]

XO, in combination with StillSecure will be hosting a webinar on WAN Security: Making with Right Choices for an optimized WAN.

Security is a crucial component of WAN optimization, but the best way to implement a solid WAN security plan isn’t always clear. Choices abound, including the decision between a premise-based versus a network-based security strategy for your WAN. In this webinar Neil Carter, StillSecure SE, and Dan Toomey, XO Sr. Manager for WAN Solutions and [...]

In this edition of “Security Spot” New Year, New Password

By Daniel Cabarcos, StillSecure SOC Analyst I’ve gone through the typical New Year’s resolution of eating healthier and losing some weight gained from the holidays (yes, I blame the last few decades on the holidays), so I decided that this year’s resolution will be to educate my friends and family on some good old information [...]

Duqu: A Breakdown, by Diego Ramirez, SOC Analyst

Duqu is the latest worm making noise in security circles and main stream media.  What’s interesting is how much we still don’t know about it. Even Virus/malware researchers at both Symantec and MacAfee can’t seem to agree specifically on the goal or exact purpose of Duqu.  The alarming thing is not only its modular design [...]

“Morto”, a new worm spreading in the wild, by Rory Smith, SOC Analyst

The Morto worm has been detected on Windows based machines, most notably devices running Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows XP.  What’s new with this worm is the way in which its spreads; whereas worms commonly propagate utilizing e-mail services or known vulnerabilities/exploits, Morto attempts to spread itself via RDP on a network. RDP (Remote [...]

The use of legitimate channels to distribute malicious software to users, by Rory Smith, SOC Analyst

With security companies recording known and popular domains used for spreading malicious software, malicious users are constantly looking for new channels to launch their illegal campaigns. A growing trend in the wild is the distribution of malicious code through legitimate domains. A recent victim to this kind of activity would be none other than Amazon [...]

A recent study on online advertising firms, by Miguel Brito, SOC analyst

According to a recent study released by the Stanford University Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, many online advertising networks do not comply with their privacy policies. This study, which is similar to a study conducted earlier this year by Carnegie Mellon University, focused on the actions of 64 of the 75 members of [...]