Vote for The Security Samurai in the 2013 SBN Social Security Blogger Awards!

With the NFL playoffs in full swing and the NHL back in action, we’ve been inspired to enter a competition of our own. We’re currently facing off against our fellow security bloggers in the 2013 Security Blogger Network Social Security Blogger Awards. As the Security Bloggers Network (SBN) is the world’s largest collection of information [...]

A Look Back at StillSecure’s Achievements in 2012

2013 is finally here!  We have already hit the ground running in the New Year, but wanted to take the time to recap some of our company’s highlights from 2012. We are grateful for the relationships we have continued to cultivate in 2012 with our valued clients, partners, analysts and media professionals. As you may [...]

How to Survive the Impending Zombie Apocalypse Survey Results Revealed: Read Our New “Zombified” Infographic Novel on Internet Risk Management

In a society full of polarized opinions, there seems to be one thing everyone agrees on lately: zombies are coming, and we need a plan. Alright, maybe this discussion is tongue-in-cheek (for most of us), but it’s a good metaphor for the risks we face with our IT as cyber crimes grow year after year. [...]

News you can use – your weekly industry wide snapshot

Data breaches: 4 fundamental ways to shore up your defenses Insider (reg req’d): Better data security doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Try these four  fundamental improvements for preventing corporate data breaches. ‘Nightmare’ kernel bug lets attackers evade Windows UAC security Microsoft is investigating reports of an unpatched vulnerability in the Windows kernel that [...]

The Vulnerabilities of Network Peripherals By Gabriel Bellas, ProtectPoint SOC Analysts StillSecure

We are all well aware that protecting ones network is essential to maintaining an efficient and compliant network.  With the ever increasing amount of network peripherals, Network Administrators need to understand that any device in their network can be used to perform malicious activities.  Back in 1991, a virus known as AF/91 was implanted by [...]

The PCI Complete Story

The concept for PCI Complete came about a year ago when I was tasked to improve the “PCI support” for our products and services. As I interviewed merchants, QSAs, and partners one thing became frighteningly clear, the compliance process that merchants struggle with for protecting our personal and credit card information is broken. This probably [...]

PCI Compliance shouldn’t be such a headache.

We believe it’s time our industry stepped up to the plate.  Claims that technology products will make someone PCI compliant have to stop.  Hand waves towards compliance aren’t acceptable any more.  Companies that sit on both sides of the table – both auditor and service provider – are setting their clients up for failure and damaging the reputation of our industry.

PCI compliance is the best way to give companies a solid baseline for security moving forward – but only if it’s done correctly.  It’s no wonder that the distraction of the current solutions delude companies into thinking they are secure as a result of their compliance efforts.  Compliance should be achievable and manageable so companies aren’t distracted from taking true, measurable steps towards better levels of security.

And, that’s how PCI Complete was born. Out of the frustration and confusion that we were hearing from customers; out of the pain of melding a variety of solutions, processes, and personnel to solve a problem that has vexed the vast majority of merchants and transaction processors; and, out of the gap in the market – where no single, consistent PCI solution existed.