What We Brought Home with us from RSA

By: Camilla Mason-Jones, Director of Marketing, StillSecure What a week for StillSecure at RSA! In addition to making new connections and sitting down with analysts and reporters to share our latest StillSecure news, we were excited to add award plaques to our carry-on luggage for the return trip home from San Francisco. StillSecure won five [...]

Introducing Our Newest Partner: HealthGuard

We are excited to announce our new partnerships with HealthGuard, a health security and risk management services company. We are providing them with a full suite of Managed Security Services for their customers and partners, including HIPAA Essential, PCI Complete, managed firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, log management, and web application firewall (WAF). Additionally, HealthGuard [...]

CUISPA 2013: Why Credit Unions Are Turning to NAC

By James D. Brown, Chief Technology Officer at StillSecure Yesterday I had the honor of presenting to fellow security professionals at CUISPA 2013, one of the credit union industry’s most highly regarded information security and risk management conferences. The summit gathers together information technologists, regulators, service providers, and, of course, security specialists under one roof [...]

Managed IDPS – Stopping Attacks before They Cause Damage

James D. Brown, CTO, StillSecure Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) is such a key security technology that you might expect me to talk about it first in my multi-part series on security technologies. While it’s hugely important, without a firewall and VPN, it provides very little protection. As I’ve done with each of these [...]

“Cleaner Pipes” means increased bandwidth for your Internet and your staff. Why cloud/network security makes sense.

Guest Post by Fran Leyland White, Hosted Security Product Manager, XO Communications Your company has many assets: employee information, intellectual property, strategies, patents & pending patents, nondisclosure agreements, financial information, and its reputation. You need to keep these safe. Cloud-based security has many benefits over the traditional premise-based model. It is less expensive, more efficient, more [...]

Security, DevOps and HIPAA pills

James D. Brown, CTO, StillSecure We attended 451’s Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit in Las Vegas last week. This is always a great conference for us and this year was no exception. The pinnacle of the data center and hosting industry, it is combined with the new developments across the cloud landscape. Our Cloud NSA allows [...]

How To Ruin A Cyber-Attacker’s Day

Since the earliest days of humankind, there has been an ongoing race between those trying to protect what they have (the havers), and those trying to take from others (the takers). In physical terms, this has meant the use of safes, locks, walls, gates, fences, guards, cameras, radar and other technologies. Any one of those [...]

Don’t get “pwned” for the Holidays

by Diego Ramirez SOC Analyst During the Holidays many of us will be traveling, telecommuting and visiting with friends and family. More often than not, we use and rely on free Wi-Fi to do a variety of tasks from checking that email from the office to using social networking to keep in touch with everyone. [...]

Buying Peace of Mind with StillSecure and Hostway

We all have tasks we should work on but for some reason, they never seem to reach the top of the pile. In our personal lives, this can be anything from cleaning the oven to picking up the dry cleaning. In our work lives, these projects usually include things like expense reports, low priority emails, [...]

DOS using BIND DNS, by Sean Steadman, SOC Analyst

A recently discovered 0-day attack has been causing organizations with hosted domains everywhere mayhem.  The issue is a vulnerability found in the popular DNS application named BIND. This vulnerability is causing DNS servers to crash and interrupt service.  BIND versions with this vulnerability are unable to complete DNS requests for your hosted domains.  After BIND [...]