In this edition of “Security Spot” Is Your Phone Talking About You?

By Sean Steadman, StillSecure SOC Analyst Currently there is a lot of talk buzzing about smart phones giving away sensitive data without their users consent. Several cell phone carriers have been monitoring user data with software they install before handing the phone over to their consumers. The software is called Carrier IQ and it tracks [...]

Zero-day Vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat:

By Adam Lapay (SOC Anylst) The IT Security Industry is up in arms with discussions involving a new zero-day vulnerability exploiting Adobe Systems Reader and Acrobat. Identified on 12/6/11, this exploit can be found on almost all platforms of Adobe Reader including:  Windows (9.x) UNIX (9.x) and Reader X for Mac (10.1.1). This new exploit, [...]