The use of legitimate channels to distribute malicious software to users, by Rory Smith, SOC Analyst

With security companies recording known and popular domains used for spreading malicious software, malicious users are constantly looking for new channels to launch their illegal campaigns. A growing trend in the wild is the distribution of malicious code through legitimate domains. A recent victim to this kind of activity would be none other than Amazon [...]

StillSecure delivers File Integrity Monitoring Services

File Integrity Monitoring Helps Companies Identify and Remediate Imminent Security Breaches Superior, CO – June 21, 2011 – StillSecure®, a managed network security solutions and certified compliance company, today introduced the StillSecure File Integrity Monitoring Service for organizations seeking to ensure that their systems have not been compromised and those currently struggling with regulatory compliance [...]

StillSecure Launches Industry’s First Comprehensive Managed Security Services Suite for Public and Private Clouds

Superior, CO – May 25, 2011 — StillSecure®, a managed network security solutions and certified compliance company, today unveiled the StillSecure Cloud Security Services Platform, the industry’s first comprehensive suite of managed security services for both public and private cloud environments. The StillSecure Cloud Security Services Platform provides easy deployment of StillSecure’s powerful suite of [...]

Google & Facebook implementing two-factor Authentication, by Gabriel Bellas, SOC Analyst

In recent weeks, Google and Facebook users have noticed a sharp rise in their accounts being hacked. Since people keep some very sensitive information in their Gmail accounts, including their contacts, documents, etc, it is very important to make sure these accounts stay secure. To combat this problem, these sites have begun implementing two-factor authentication [...]

‘Don’t Leave Your IT Security to Luck’ Event in Boca March 17

    Lunch & Learn Session Co-Sponsored by and StillSecure BOCA RATON, FL (March 10, 2011) – Learn how to protect your enterprise data against attacks, whether you’re housing it locally or in the cloud, in “Don’t Leave Your IT Security to Luck,” a lunch-and-learn session from 11:30am-1:30 pm on Thursday, March 17 being [...]

StillSecure to offer Managed Security and Certified Compliance Solutions to Coresite customers

StillSecure Joins CoreSite’s CloudCommunity, Fostering Innovation and Thought Leadership on Cloud Security. Santa Clara, CA – March 10, 2011 — StillSecure®, a managed network security solutions and certified compliance company today announced at the Cloud Connect Conference, that the Company will provide its complete suite of managed security and certified compliance solutions for CoreSite’s data [...]

Securing XO Communications’ Enterprise Cloud Communications

Today we announced a new partnership with XO Communications.  In brief, StillSecure will be providing all the managed security services, including 24x7x365 support from our Security Operations Center, for their Enterprise Cloud Communications service.  While this is certainly a very important partnership for us, we also believe it’s a big step in the right direction for how enterprises think about, and [...]

The /proc/self/environ vulnerability By Cesar Salas, StillSecure SOC Analyst

Over the past 7 days we have encountered 3216 events for ET WEB_SERVER Likely Malicious Request for /proc/self/environ. This signature represents a phase of a remote file inclusion attempt in which it tries to obtain root level access by using the last PID used by the servers creation of the /proc directories. After the /proc/self [...]

How smart is Smartphone security? by Rory Smith, StillSecure SOC Analyst

In today’s fast paced society, the ability to perform tasks on the go is almost as, if not more important than breathing. We use our smart phones to perform banking transactions, check e-mails, browse the internet, socialize with friends and in some technical cases create VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels connecting the device as a [...]

Microsoft’s upcoming Patch Tuesday by Miguel Brito, StillSecure SOC Analyst

Microsoft’s next scheduled Patch Tuesday release is going to be a pretty big deal, quite literally. Microsoft announced that they will be fixing three well-known zero-day bugs. These fixes will be released as twelve updates, which will be correcting a grand total of twenty-two holes. Another bit of unfortunate news for Windows users next Tuesday, [...]