Our phones have been ringing off the hook the past few weeks (which is a good thing!) and we anticipate that this will continue as customers, prospects and partners work to get their arms around the new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Omnibus Rule that [...]

What We Brought Home with us from RSA

By: Camilla Mason-Jones, Director of Marketing, StillSecure What a week for StillSecure at RSA! In addition to making new connections and sitting down with analysts and reporters to share our latest StillSecure news, we were excited to add award plaques to our carry-on luggage for the return trip home from San Francisco. StillSecure won five [...]

Decoding the PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines Information Supplement

By: James D. Brown, CTO at StillSecure As you may have heard, the PCI Security Standards Council recently released its PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines Information Supplement. The supplement is intended to serve as a guide for businesses looking to choose solutions and third-party cloud providers that will help them secure their customer payment data [...]

Introducing Our Newest Partner: HealthGuard

We are excited to announce our new partnerships with HealthGuard, a health security and risk management services company. We are providing them with a full suite of Managed Security Services for their customers and partners, including HIPAA Essential, PCI Complete, managed firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, log management, and web application firewall (WAF). Additionally, HealthGuard [...]

2013 Predictions from Rajat Bhargava, Chairman, President and CEO of StillSecure

We at StillSecure believe that 2013 will finally be the year that organizations demand security be included cloud offerings — en masse.  We also think the recent shift to cloud-usage based models will continue so much so that enterprise class product suites will fall out of favor. This is a direct result of customer demand [...]

How to Survive the Impending Zombie Apocalypse Survey Results Revealed: Read Our New “Zombified” Infographic Novel on Internet Risk Management

In a society full of polarized opinions, there seems to be one thing everyone agrees on lately: zombies are coming, and we need a plan. Alright, maybe this discussion is tongue-in-cheek (for most of us), but it’s a good metaphor for the risks we face with our IT as cyber crimes grow year after year. [...]

“Cleaner Pipes” means increased bandwidth for your Internet and your staff. Why cloud/network security makes sense.

Guest Post by Fran Leyland White, Hosted Security Product Manager, XO Communications Your company has many assets: employee information, intellectual property, strategies, patents & pending patents, nondisclosure agreements, financial information, and its reputation. You need to keep these safe. Cloud-based security has many benefits over the traditional premise-based model. It is less expensive, more efficient, more [...]

How To Ruin A Cyber-Attacker’s Day

Since the earliest days of humankind, there has been an ongoing race between those trying to protect what they have (the havers), and those trying to take from others (the takers). In physical terms, this has meant the use of safes, locks, walls, gates, fences, guards, cameras, radar and other technologies. Any one of those [...]

The Challenges of Cloud Security Below 10,000 Feet, by Wendy Nather, Research Director, Enterprise Security Practice at The 451 Group

If you’re a large enterprise, you’re in pretty good shape for the cloud:  you know what kind of security you want and need, you have security staff who can validate what you’re getting from the provider, and you can hold up your end of the deal – since it takes both customer and provider working [...]

Streamlining Security for Cloud Environments, by Duke Skarda — Chief Technology Officer for SoftLayer

One of the biggest challenges and roadblocks to realizing the full potential of cloud computing is security. All the benefits of sharing IT infrastructure go out the window unless issues of privacy and data integrity are addressed. Security breaches are costly—both financially and in terms of credibility. That’s why SoftLayer is working with StillSecure to [...]