CUISPA 2013: Why Credit Unions Are Turning to NAC

By James D. Brown, Chief Technology Officer at StillSecure Yesterday I had the honor of presenting to fellow security professionals at CUISPA 2013, one of the credit union industry’s most highly regarded information security and risk management conferences. The summit gathers together information technologists, regulators, service providers, and, of course, security specialists under one roof [...]

2013 Predictions from Rajat Bhargava, Chairman, President and CEO of StillSecure

We at StillSecure believe that 2013 will finally be the year that organizations demand security be included cloud offerings — en masse.  We also think the recent shift to cloud-usage based models will continue so much so that enterprise class product suites will fall out of favor. This is a direct result of customer demand [...]

A Look Back at StillSecure’s Achievements in 2012

2013 is finally here!  We have already hit the ground running in the New Year, but wanted to take the time to recap some of our company’s highlights from 2012. We are grateful for the relationships we have continued to cultivate in 2012 with our valued clients, partners, analysts and media professionals. As you may [...]

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all of our readers a safe and secure holiday season and a Happy New Year! We hope that our partners enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, and rest assured that our team is continuing to work 24×7 to keep any scrooge trying to access your networks out! Relax [...]

Security Event Log Management – Detecting attacks by their side-effects in log data

James D. Brown, CTO, StillSecure Log Management can mean everything from consuming logs and placing them into a central location for search and review to performing smart filtering and notifications, to zeroing in on particular areas of interest such as system and application health, configuration auditing, and security event identification and response. It’s this latter [...]

Managed Web Application Firewall – Identifying and Stopping Complex Web-based Attacks

James D. Brown, CTO, StillSecure Web Application Firewalls (WAF) have been in the news a lot in the past few years. A type of application firewall, web application firewalls have functionality that goes beyond simply blocking access to certain types of requests or services. Web application firewalls are also aware of specific types of web-based [...]