Welcome to The Security Samurai.

We know that behind the cover of the corporate walls, live many who serve at the behest of management as the main line of defense against the constant threat of intrusions and attacks from encroaching technological forces.  At StillSecure, our Security Samurai have battled honorably and successfully for over 10 years against some of the most persistent and evolving threats in the industry.  We have been on the front lines for companies in both the private and public sector – including three of the four branches of the Department of Defense.

The Security Samurai was created to help us share the teachings and methods we’ve mastered during years of study, from both everyday life as well as the intense lines of battle.

While there may be the occasional “corporate posting” about some new services or news from StillSecure, if your duty is to grasp both the long and short security sword each and every day, then The Security Samurai was designed to be a place for you.

“If a man does not investigate into the matter of Bushido daily, it will be difficult for him to die a brave and manly death. Thus it is essential to engrave this business of the warrior into one’s mind well.”  - Kato Kiyomasa