This week, we are announcing a technical upgrade to our award-winning Network Access Control (NAC) solution, Safe Access®. The new version, Safe Access 6.1, will significantly increase the number of supported end-user devices from 10,000 to 30,000 devices per server and adds cloud support.

The simple fact is that employees and visitors are bringing their own devices into the office – smartphones, tablets, personal laptops and in some cases, personal gaming devices — and they expect to be able to use them for work. This makes it tough for an IT manager to ensure the corporate network is safe. Enforcing bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies based on user roles and the ability to restrict access for individual employees to certain times of the day and specific days of the week is a crucial security feature for our customers.

Most policies are based on specific devices; however, with Safe Access, if a laptop fails and an employee needs a “loaner,” the new device will immediately recognize that employee’s settings and allow that person access on the temporary device. Bottom line – only workers who are supposed to have access to the server at certain hours of the day can get on.