In a society full of polarized opinions, there seems to be one thing everyone agrees on lately: zombies are coming, and we need a plan. Alright, maybe this discussion is tongue-in-cheek (for most of us), but it’s a good metaphor for the risks we face with our IT as cyber crimes grow year after year.

According to a June 2011 Ponemon Institute survey of IT security officials at 583 U.S. companies:

  • 90 percent of companies had been breached in the prior year
  • 59 percent of companies had been breached more than once in the prior year
In other words, 9 out of 10 companies were successfully attacked at some point within a 12-month period. If you aren’t among them, it’s only a matter of time.

Recently, StillSecure and Hostway – a managed, cloud, and hybrid hosting provider – conducted some research to determine what companies were doing to prepare for Internet security attacks. The results? Let’s just say we recognized some clear gaps between what people know they should do and what they’re actually doing.

So here they are – the results of our Internet risk-management survey, presented as an entertaining graphic novel…with zombieeeees! Hover over the skull icons to see our data.

Read the Infographic Novel