Guest Post by Fran Leyland White, Hosted Security Product Manager, XO Communications

Your company has many assets: employee information, intellectual property, strategies, patents & pending patents, nondisclosure agreements, financial information, and its reputation. You need to keep these safe.

Cloud-based security has many benefits over the traditional premise-based model. It is less expensive, more efficient, more centralized, but most of all it’s more secure.

What is network or cloud-based security? It means that the security function is happening in the cloud instead of at your office. The equipment is centralized on redundant geographically–diverse security gateways. By establishing and updating security policies for a central network firewall, you have a more uniform and stringent approach to security while decreasing the risk of attacks.

Premise-based security calls for hardware/software at each of your locations. This concept not only calls for mean capital overhead for the equipment, it means operational overhead for employees to install, configure, monitor and maintain it. If someone forgets a minor patch update on the prem-based firewall, an open door for hackers to gain access could be available.

Having a central policy creates “cleaner pipes” meaning better bandwidth utilization. These monitored and secure procedures and rules help scrub your internet bandwidth for malware and other known threats before they reach your network. The result is that only authentic traffic is allowed through to your network giving you the benefit of aggregated bandwidth which can be shared across locations, thus increasing productivity and reducing internet costs.

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Meet Fran Leyland White

Product Manager – Security & Managed Services

Fran Leyland White is a product manager for network security products with XO Communications. In this role, she successfully launched XO’s Hosted Security portfolio in March 2011, which has positioned XO as a Tier 1 service provider for “in the cloud” security solutions.

Fran has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, holding various positions in product management, product and business development, contract and vendor management, and project management. Prior to joining XO in 2008, Fran worked as a Product Manager for Managed Security Services with Verizon Business.

Fran earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from the State
University of New York, with a concentration in Political Science
and Business. She has taken continuing education classes for
technical, business, and management proficiency.

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