News flash, your cloud servers are probably not secure against Internet-based attacks! OK, not really a news flash, but how many cloud server owners are actually doing something about it? By default they may have little or no network security. A basic firewall is, depending upon your provider, usually the free, included offering (if you don’t have one, please go download Cloud SMS immediately and put a host-based firewall on your systems for free). However, those familiar with network security know that while a firewall is a good first layer of security, it’s rather like locking your doors and windows, but leaving one window open to get some fresh air: easy to get in once you find right window. Unfortunately, adding the additional layers of security necessary to actually protect your cloud instances is a real challenge. You have to know what to look for, find multiple vendors to implement it, hope they have an offering that works in the cloud, and then get them all to play nice together. Hit a snag? Which vendor do you call? Don’t have the security expertise or time to implement and run it? What do you do?

As much hype as has been poured into the cloud security model, believe it or not, there aren’t a lot of managed security services available for public cloud infrastructure. There are point solutions here and there. There are models that force users to jump through tons of hoops – shuttle your traffic out of the public cloud to a different provider where you can have an appliance that has a few managed services on it. Or maybe you can use the public cloud and then purchase a Unified Threat Management (UTM) service that you ask the provider to put in for you. There are other variants on the theme, but the point is that securing your public cloud servers is not easy. Nor can you go to a comprehensive managed services provider today and ask them to embed their managed offering into your cloud.

Until now. The hoops, hurdles, and inconvenience changes today. We are announcing our Cloud NSA (Network Security Appliance) – a new version of our network security appliance that is a cloud instance within your public cloud infrastructure. You can now have a managed service built from within rather than tacked on externally. How did we do it? From the inception of the company, StillSecure has been focused on software. While everybody else was focused on creating custom appliances that could “go fast”, we wanted to innovate in software. Go fast in software and be more cost effective, portable, and efficient. That focus has allowed us to deliver our NSA on a variety of hardware platforms, virtualize it, and now deliver it on top of public cloud infrastructure.

We spin up a Cloud NSA alongside your other public cloud instances and from there, we configure and segment your systems so that you can have your own isolated network protected by our Cloud NSA. It’s like getting private cloud protection at public cloud prices. Our device acts as a network gateway, so your security is managed at a single location. That reduces complexity and makes it easier to make sure everything’s properly locked down. You can receive a full complement of our managed services from managed firewall, IDPS, WAF, and log management to PCI Complete, all from within your cloud infrastructure. What you are used to at your home office location, your colocation facility, or your managed / dedicated servers you can now receive in the cloud.

We are incredibly proud of this innovation and believe it will continue to accelerate the adoption of the cloud.