Forbes recently released an article entitled “The Cybercrime Boom: It’s A Good Time to Be a Hacker”, and unless you are completely oblivious to the direction technology has been heading for the past several years now, you should agree that it is indeed, a good time to be a hacker.

It seems like just about every single electronic product one can purchase these days is Wi-Fi capable in some way, shape or form. Even automobile manufacturers have begun to include features enabling passengers to browse the Internet, so it’s only a matter of time before we’re social networking from our cars. While one might assume that given the ridiculous degree of exposure we as a people living in the age of the Internet are given, that pretty much everyone, even those who aren’t necessarily “technologically savvy”, would be aware of the dangers associated with the World Wide Web by now.

Sadly, it appears that many people still don’t get the picture, despite the fact that almost every other day there’s a new report of some sort of security incident/breach, or how the amount of security threats our mobile devices are exposed to continue to grow exponentially. Regardless of all this knowledge, many somehow still overlook security, a fact that you can be sure all hackers are well aware of. The risks created by businesses, governments, schools, healthcare, and financial institutions in their attempts to meet their customers’ needs have already made a vast majority of sensitive data accessible via the Internet and by extension, vulnerable to attack.

The increasing use of smart phones, tablet PC, or any of the other mobile devices, while often convenient, they have also increased the platforms susceptible to attack. A recent study released by Juniper Networks found that mobile devices have experienced a 250 percent increase in malware targeting smart phones from 2009 to 2010, and a 400 percent increase in Android malware since this past summer alone.  We all know technology is becoming both more powerful and more affordable each day. We can also agree that today’s hackers are much more sophisticated than ever. Now, add to that equation the world’s many struggling economies and what we have now are sophisticated and hungry hackers, armed with the some of the latest and greatest technology.

Due to the lack of attention paid by users in regards to securing their mobile devices, many hackers have been taking advantage of the lucrative opportunities in this area. One of the typical scams works by tricking the user into downloading an app designed to send premium rate text message without the user even knowing, until they take a look at their bill.  Remember also that many of these same users who fall victim to the Apps containing malicious software masquerading as a reputable app or a popular game, run the risk of causing headaches for us IT Professionals as we have to struggle with these users introducing their infected devices to your network.

In summation, you really are not as safe as you think you are, so always exercise caution and common sense when using your mobile devices.  That is, if you want to make it harder for today’s hacker to make a buck or two off of you!



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