StillSecure Cloud SMSOne of the biggest challenges and roadblocks to realizing the full potential of cloud computing is security. All the benefits of sharing IT infrastructure go out the window unless issues of privacy and data integrity are addressed. Security breaches are costly—both financially and in terms of credibility. That’s why SoftLayer is working with StillSecure to deliver its managed security services, which include intrusion detection and prevention, Web application firewall, log management, and other applications through our Technology Partners Marketplace.

Today, we’re the first to offer StillSecure’s New Cloud Security Monitoring Service (SMS) application free of charge for CloudLayer and Dedicated customers. StillSecure’s Cloud SMS is a host-based firewall management solution that places a small agent on the virtual instance or dedicated server and provides an easy-to-use Web-based UI allowing users to search for the right ports and protocols to block or allow. This saves an incredible amount of time by automating and streamlining the security process.

We’re excited to be bringing these types of solutions to a broader mainstream audience. Working with StillSecure has given us additional security capabilities for both cloud and dedicated server environments. It’s about bringing value to our customers who are looking for a less complex way to secure their physical, virtual, or cloud-based IT resources. We think we have a “winner” with StillSecure! Let us know what you think.

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