File Integrity Monitoring Helps Companies Identify and Remediate Imminent Security Breaches

Superior, CO – June 21, 2011 – StillSecure®, a managed network security solutions and certified compliance company, today introduced the StillSecure File Integrity Monitoring Service for organizations seeking to ensure that their systems have not been compromised and those currently struggling with regulatory compliance such as the PCI Data Security Standards.  The service, available immediately, is fully supported by StillSecure’s security analysts and engineers working in the company’s Security Operations Centers who manage and monitor networks on a 24x7x365 basis.

File integrity monitoring software is required by PCI Data Security Standards, HIPAA, the FFIEC IT Security Guidelines and other regulatory frameworks. The StillSecure File Integrity Monitoring Service helps organizations to achieve compliance by building and maintaining a required library of secure file signatures and analyzing each daily or weekly to ensure that files have not changed. When signature files are created or key files are viewed, deleted or modified and when group ownership of files are changed and mismatches are detected, an alert is immediately sent by the StillSecure File Integrity Monitoring Service to the Security Operations Centers and the issue is escalated with the customer as appropriate and based on policy.

“Organizations need a way to protect their business, and the trust they work hard to establish with each and every customer,” said James Brown, the CTO of StillSecure.  “The StillSecure File Integrity Monitoring Service helps mitigate risks by offering full and easy compliance with regulatory standards, as well as a comprehensive and proven framework for developing and executing corporate security best practices.”

The StillSecure File Integrity Monitoring Services offers the following:

  • Compatibility with all major operating systems including Max OS X, Windows (Server 2003, Server 2007, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7), Linux, and BSD
  • Support of agent-less scanning of router and switch configuration files for unauthorized changes as well as regular checks for running versus saved configuration synchronization
  • A daily scan of signatures (weekly is required by the PCI DSS)
  • Monitoring of unauthorized changes to virtual hosts, including VMware ESX

The StillSecure File Integrity Monitoring Service can be purchased directly from StillSecure, or through StillSecure channel partners. The File Integrity Monitoring Service can be purchased individually or can be bundled with other security solutions, such as PCI Complete.

About the StillSecure Security Operations Centers

The StillSecure Security Operations Centers are comprised of a team of security analysts and engineers who protect organizations, data centers, telcos, and ISPs from the latest network security threats and provide rapid response to security breaches, as well as incoming customer inquiries. These analysts are highly experienced in monitoring potential threats from around the world in both traditional data environments, as well as for public and private cloud.

About StillSecure
For IT executives facing escalating security threats and evolving compliance requirements, and data centers looking to cement long-term customer relationships, StillSecure designs and delivers managed network security and certified compliance solutions so you can focus on growing your core business.

As opposed to vendors with uncertified partial fixes, or worse, self-audited solutions, StillSecure unites our security experts with our certified processes and innovative technologies to provide holistic solutions that eliminate the need for dedicated resources juggling multiple vendors, products and requirements.

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